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CUREjoint by West Coast Cure is the perfect hybrid for wake-and-bake enthusiasts. A sweet and earthy strain with hints of vanilla, each hit is sure to please! Enjoy CURE joint throughout the day with foreign glue strain.

Section: potent indica

A potent indica strain, Foreign Glue offers a full body stone that is loaded with medicinal benefits without the anxiety sometimes felt if too much is smoked at once. This variety, which is mostly sungrown in Oregon, has won many awards in the state and has become quite popular with heavy indica lovers.

Section: Indica-dominant strain

Tangerine Dream is a cross of Super Silver Haze, Northern Lights and an Oregon Purple Thai smoke. Tangerine Dream by foreign glue strain is a good choice for those who want to relax after a long day’s work.

Section: heavy, sedative effects

The different forms of cannabis with high CBD content like Skunk Haze seem to be good pain relievers. The best effects are achieved with a moderate dosage. The effect begins gradually and intensifies slowly. Also, it lasts long and is consistent, providing a calming effect.

Section: euphoric, cerebral high

Grown in the Netherlands, foreign glue strain produces a mildly euphoric and cerebral high. A sativa-dominant cross of an unknown sativa from Colombia, and Thai, this marijuana has medium THC levels with a slightly higher CBD content.

Section: strong mind and body effects

The Foreign Glue Strain is a highly potent cannabis strain developed through selective breeding between Northern Lights and Afghani breeds, two of the most commonly used parent strains. It is one of the most effective medical marijuana treatments that has been appreciated by countless patients across the globe. The time has come for you to benefit from this strain as well.

Section: pain relief and relaxation

Hot, sweaty, burning pain? It’s enough to drive anyone into a crazy thinking frenzy. Is it just in my mind? No body else is feeling this way? Am I going insane? If you’re feeling like you’re losing it — stop! Breathe! Take a moment and relax. Allow your mind to be at peace with yourself and all around you. You’ll feel and look better when your body is at ease.

Section: the Foreign Glue strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that carries a powerful amount of THC.

Cannabis strains come in all different varieties, and each type has a very specific effect on the mind and body. The Foreign Glue strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that carries a powerful amount of THC.

Takeaway: This is a powerful strain, which can help relieve pain but also can cause drowsiness and dizziness if overused.

It was a hot summer day and I had been given this strain to try due to its high CBD content. A concentrated extract which is rich with terpenes, foreign glue is a strain which is instantly recognizable thanks to this particular aroma. The aromas of citrus fruits, particularly pineapple are combined with spicy earthy notes and sweet chemical hints on the exhale. Say goodbye to stress and say hello to euphoria. The high from foreign glue effects come on quickly and although the THC content is low you will definitely notice the effects almost immediately after use.

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